Region V in Nebraska City provides work and home support for adults with developmental disabilities.

There are many different types of developmental disabilities. They may impact a person’s language, mobility, learning, and independent living skills. These disabilities persist through a person’s lifespan and require unique attention and care that can be provided by direct supports.

A support is any kind of assistance that helps a person live as independently as possible while achieving lifetime goals. Region V provides job coaching for individuals with developmental disabilities as well many other services at our Day Services Center. Options include habilitation, job skills training, community and volunteer activities, and guidance with communication and interpersonal relationships. Residential supports are when individuals are helped at home with things like cooking, cleaning, and daily planning. Some people receive 24/7 supports while others prefer less supports, provided in their own home or family’s home for a few hours a day or a couple days a week.

Region V is an advocate for employment and the integrity of work is a vital aspect of our agency. Employment is the first support option at Region V. Everyone deserves the opportunity to work in a meaningful job. Every person with a developmental disability at Region V works with staff on job skills and strives toward having a job at a local business that matches their individual strengths and aptitudes. To find more information on hiring people in your business please visit our business page.

Employment for Businesses and potential employers:

As an Employment First Agency, Region V Services considers the wants and needs of the people supported as well as the potential employer.  We match the skills of the person looking for employment to the job available.  We want the people we support to be successful.  Their success is also the employer’s success. 

Reasons why you should choose Region V Services as your employment agency:

  • We pre-screen applicants by assessing strengths and weaknesses and past work experience to ensure you will be provided with a qualified candidate.
  • We offer job coaching and ongoing support as needed that is tailored to meet your business needs; free of charge. 
  • We save you time and money by eliminating recruiting, which can be costly to your business.

We have had and continue to have ongoing success with many local businesses in town:

Lied Lodge & Conference Center                      Valentino’s

Walmart                                             True Value/Ace Hardware

Kimmel Orchard                                Duff Memorial Friendship Villa

The Fort                                             Burger King

The Morton Place                             The Keeping Room

Contact us to find the best worker for your business!

Robin Smallfoot, Employment Consultant or
Kristen Easley, Community Support Coordinator

Transition Programs

Region V in Nebraska City works closely with several area schools including Nebraska City, Syracuse, and Plattsmouth.  Students that anticipate receiving DD services participate in a Transitional program upon graduating from high school.  This program is commonly referred to as a Life Skills program, a Transitional Program, or the “18-21 year” program as the students participate until they are 21 years of age.  The purpose of the program is to assist students in developing various skills that will help them be as independent and successful in life upon leaving the school system.  Life skills and job skills are focused on during this 3 year period. Region V Services works with the school to assist with providing work experiences for the students in these programs.  These services are also individualized and designed with the student and the schools needs in mind.  Some students spend all of their time working with Region V Services at various work sites in town and some students spend their time working on job skills at our Day Service Center. 

Our work sites in town have consisted of:

The Fort                                                            Fareway

Brown’s Shoe Store                                                

Contact us if you are an employer and want to participate in this program by becoming a work site option for these students!

Kristen Easley, Community Support Coordinator or Robin Smallfoot, Employment Consultant


“We are pleased to support and recommend Region V’s work experience training program. You make certain our youth are doing ‘real work.’ Your involvement demonstrates a sincere interest in our community’s young people.” –Michael Nuschy, Work Experience Coordinator, Plattsmouth Community Schools
“Region V helps students break away from the school atmosphere and learn how to trust and get to know adults who will help them transition into the next stage of their life.” Michelle Zoller, Syracuse Life Skills