Information for Families

Region V Services prides itself on being an Employment First Agency; meaning that employment is given first priority when planning services for people. Services are individualized and we do not work on a “one size fits all” method.  When attaining employment, we consider what the person truly wants in terms of work. 

When a student graduates from high school in Nebraska, after completing the 18-21 Transition Program, and meets the qualifications established by the State, they are automatically eligible for Day Services. It is possible that the student has already worked with Region V as part of their school program. It is also likely that a State Services Coordinator has been assigned to work with the student and their family.

Transition Programs

Region V in Nebraska City works closely with several area schools including Nebraska City, Syracuse, and Plattsmouth.  Students that anticipate receiving DD services participate in a Transitional program upon graduating from high school.  This program is commonly referred to as a Life Skills program, a Transitional Program, or the “18-21 year” program as the students participate until they are 21 years of age.  The purpose of the program is to assist students in developing various skills that will help them be as independent and successful in life upon leaving the school system.  Life skills and job skills are focused on during this 3 year period. Region V Services works with the school to assist with providing work experiences for the students in these programs.  These services are also individualized and designed with the student and the schools needs in mind.  Some students spend all of their time working with Region V Services at various work sites in town and some students spend their time working on job skills at our Day Service Center. 

“We are pleased to support and recommend Region V’s work experience training program. You make certain our youth are doing ‘real work.’ Your involvement demonstrates a sincere interest in our community’s young people.” –Michael Nuschy, Work Experience Coordinator, Plattsmouth Community Schools
“Region V helps students break away from the school atmosphere and learn how to trust and get to know adults who will help them transition into the next stage of their life.” Michelle Zoller, Syracuse Life Skills

There are many components to Day Services.

o   Employment First. This is one of the first things considered when designing supports. What are future employment goals and how will they be achieved? Some people might participate in the “Career Academy”, others might prefer a one-on-one approach. Each person’s team will help determine the best direction. Once a person obtains a job, Region V offers a Job Coach to ensure ongoing success.

o   Day Service Center. Many activities occur daily to Enhance the Lives of all participants. Contract work is available – tool bags and applicator pipes are produced and people earn wages for work completed. People participate in volunteer activities such as Meals on Wheels and activities at local nursing homes. Various classes and learning activities are available. Sometimes, social and recreational activities are offered.


“Home, sweet home.” For those supported at Region V Services, this phrase is no different. Home is a secure and peaceful place to call their own.

Two to three roommates share a home in the Nebraska City area. Every individual has a private bedroom and share common living spaces with roommates. Each person is involved in decorating and taking pride in caring for their house.

Full time residential staff is available to assist as needed for people supported to live as independently as possible. Assistance is provided in personal care and daily living skills as well as administering medications, transportation, budgeting, and other areas. When needed, additional staff is scheduled to assist full-time staff in the home.

Some people may not need the assistanceof a staff person all the time. A person might rent an apartment or house, with or without a roommate, and need only periodic support. Staffing patterns can be more flexible based on individual wants and needs.

For people living with family, supports can be utilized to focus on community activities and independent living skills.


Testimonials from Families

“Mark’s residential staff is so caring and has provided an environment in which he feels part of a family.  Mark refers to it as his home.” 
“Region V Nebraska City is a facility where everyone works well as a team which is important for myself and daughter to have this consistency of staff.  My daughter has had the same staff at the DSC and residence since her move.”